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Are you a writer?  Or a mom with a story?  Click here to send your content for both online at and to be considered for the Connecting @ Home Magazine.

Get Connecting @ Home Magazine Delivered to Your Business or Organization

We are currently expanding our distribution network and welcome your place of business, school, church or recognized mom's group to receive copies of our magazine.  This is FREE OF CHARGE to your business/group.

The Connecting @ Home magazine is a great "freebie" to offer your customers and can even bring in new customers when they know to stop by your place of business to pick up their free copy.

Please Read Before Filling Out: *Minimum shipment is 25 copies.  You MUST reside in the US. Businesses need to be public places where customers can walk in to pick up a copy.  Mom's Groups need to have a minimum of 25 members.  We currently ship to many MOPS & MOMS CLUB International groups. We cannot ship to individual's who want to hand out copies to people they come in contact with. All places of distribution must be approved before being added to our list of distributors.  Please fill out the following form IN FULL. 

Distributor Request Form
(you MUST be the person who has authority to approve receiving the
magazines for your business or group)

You must send an email to us with the following information: (copy and paste and answer in the email)  send the email to

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your Email:
3. Phone Number:
4. Company or Organization Name:
5. Ship to Attention of:
6. Shipping Address (CANNOT be a PO Box):
7. City, State & Zip
8. Nature of Business or Organization:
9. Is this a public facility, where anyone can walk in to get a copy of the magazine?
10. Tell us where this public facility is? ie: shopping mall, stand alone building, office building etc.
11. How many copies would you like to receive each quarter?(read above requirement)
12. How many moms on average frequent your business each month?

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Our Partners

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Connecting @ Home offers many  advertising options for your business to reach a targeted readership of moms.  See our advertising rates for more details

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